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Birth Support Practitionersm - Doula Training

Preparing Community Elders committed to sensitive birth.

About Birth Support Practitionerssm

photo of a woman's pregnant bellyA Birth Support Practitioner offers strengthening emotional and practical guidance for women and men as they journey through their life transition of giving life to another: pre-conception, pregnancy, non-interrupted support during labor and delivery, the first year, and beyond. The training is open to women, men and couples of all ages who wish to support families during this special transition.

This training provides an in depth study of the psychological, social, spiritual, and phsyiological journey of conception, pregnancy, womb life, labor and delivery, and postpartum. We will explore the profound influence that birth has upon the development of the unborn-newborn human and the new mother and father. This exploration will give you the necessary knowledge to develop your skills to offer teenagers, women, men and couples non-medical supportive guidance throughout this sensitive time of family life.

This training can expand and enhance the various professions that serve the birthing family and other professions and services such as body therapies, massage for mother and baby, aromatherapy, homeopathy, nursing, etc. The training can provide an in-depth preparation and beginning foundation for those who have a calling as a midwife, as well as those preparing for the birth of their child or grandchild.

Women who take this training learn skills to provide guidance and support for women and their family during the unique physical and emotional experience of giving life to another human and becoming a mother.

Men who take this training learn about the process of birth to provide practical support and emotional guidance for men becoming fathers.

We see both genders bringing fertility awareness and conception wisdom to young men and women, as an extension of our work.

You will experience personal as well as professional growth in this training.

The Birth Support Practitioner respects organic birth and is familiar with, and sensitive to, many of the ways nature has provided for our human species to conceive, gestate and deliver our young. Organic birth respects nature's way of birth and the wise use of modern technology that has evolved through our scientific growth when there is a serious need for medical intervention.

Since 1990, over 500 women and men, in the US and abroad, have taken Birth Support Practitioner Training. Working in small personalized groups, they have been prepared to provide thoughful, sensitive, considerate, emotional and practical support for the birthing family. Birth and Bonding International introduced the Doula Training to the UK in 1992.

The Birth Support Practitioner Traning is facilitated by Sharon Ledbetter, a grandmother and mother of two adult sons. She is a Birthologist, holds a Masters degree in pre- and peri-natal psychology and is a certified Childbirth Educator and Birth Support Practitioner. Sharon has been involved in Birthology since 1981, initiated the Birth and Bonding Family Center in 1988 and initiated the Birth Support Practitioner Training (formerly known as "Doula Training") in 1990. She has since facilitated more than 70 trainings.

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